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I Am Running a Business - Business Link

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

You have now taken your business idea and turned it into an actual running business. Business Link can help with some of those operational tasks and ongoing management for your business as it is growing and improving. If your business has anything to do with exporting then visit THIS link to see how their program can help you reach new markets and cross borders.

"Alberta businesses have plenty to offer other provinces and the rest of the world. Knowing this, we designed the Export Readiness Program to help you reach new domestic and international markets. Through the program you will work with a Business Link Strategist trained to provide advice and guidance as you start your export journey."

Under THIS link you will find more information on Business Link's Peerpreneur Sessions. These sessions help you brainstorm with other business owners to invent new ways to solve business problems as well as share useful tips and tricks.

"Over a 4-week period, each group will connect on a weekly basis to discuss their business challenges, exchange best practices, and learn how to best support each other. Now it is more important than ever for small business owners to have a support system in place to help move their businesses forward."

Under THIS link you can find help with Business Link on Accounting, Bookkeeping, & Taxes. Financial management is a big process and is a lot of work. With the helpful tips and information from Business Link it can all be made so much easier.

"You must keep a complete record of all your income and expenses. If you can’t maintain your financial records on your own, consider hiring a qualified, experienced accountant or bookkeeper to do it for you—it’s often well worth the investment."

Under THIS link Business Link is handling the topic of Marketing & Sales. It is the way you connect with your customers and grow your business, therefore it is one of the most crucial departments of each business.

"Find customers who appreciate your products and services. Learn who your target market is and discover some basic marketing strategies that you can implement into your marketing plan."

If you are running a business then you need all of the Legal Advice you can get for operating as a business. Under THIS link you can find more information on what Business Link can offer you in regards to legal advice for your business.

"You might think lawyers are too expensive for your business, but their advice can be priceless. It’s much less expensive to hire a lawyer to do things properly when starting out than it is to hire a lawyer in an emergency when things go wrong."

One of the biggest steps in a business is the step of hiring employees to keep growing your business. Under THIS link you will find more information on what it takes to hire an employee and how Business Link can help you with this step.

"You might need to hire employees to keep your business operating and growing. Hiring employees is a big step—you will be responsible for them and their actions. Employees can introduce significant liability. You also have to make sure you adhere to provincial and federal employment regulations."

Your business is running and growing so good now that you may need to look for other areas to grow into. Under THIS link Business Link will explain different ways to grow your business and what the benefits of each are.

"Growth means changing how you do business: new technology, more employees, less centralized control, and likely the need for more money. Make sure you have a solid plan and be ready to adapt to constant change."

The last step in any business is closing the business. It is a step that requires a person to be very careful and diligent. Under THIS link you can find all the necessary information on how to close your own business and all that it entails.

"No matter what your exit strategy, there are a number of steps you have to complete to legally end your involvement in the business. Almost everything you did to open your business needs to be re-examined to make sure you’ve ended it properly"

This concludes our Blog Series on Business Link. As we have read and seen, Business Link offers a great deal of information and interactive tools from beginning with a business idea to actually running a business.

Thank you to all our readers and Stay Tuned!

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