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I am Starting a Business - Business Link

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

With Business Link entrepreneurs can navigate the steps to set up their business, including connecting with accountants, lawyers, and other business consultants.

Under THIS section on Business Link's website, three guides can be found. The first guide is a 10-page small business checklist, designed to help you make crucial decisions regarding Pre-planning, The Business Plan, Financial, Legal, and Marketing.

The second guide is a 4-page guideline regarding, Break-Even Analysis, Cash-Flow Statements, BDC's Performance Ratios, Financial Accounting Software, and Hiring An Accountant. Lastly, there is a 9-page marketing guide regarding Branding, Marketing Channels, Website, and Measuring Performance.

"Financing is one of the most challenging issues you will face as a business owner. You’ll need to identify potential sources of funding, make sure you meet all their requirements, and prepare your applications or pitches. There are several specialized funding programs available depending on your business type or sector."

Under THIS section you will be able to find access to information regarding:

"There are three common types of business registrations in Alberta. Before you choose to register your business, discover the important differences between each type of registration"

Under THIS link you can find a YouTube Video By Business Link that explains the different Business Structures that are available so that you can make an informed decision for your business.

"In addition to registering your business, you might need municipal, provincial, and federal business licenses and permits. You also have to adhere to any government regulations that apply to your business. First, talk to all the municipalities you’ll be operating in to find out what regulations apply to you. Then, check provincial and federal regulations."

In our experience, we have found that making use of costly Lawyers or Third Parties is unnecessary since you can easily go to the City's Building and Development Office for asking questions and filing applications regarding permits, licensing, and regulations.

THIS link will direct you to the section on Business link's website regarding Municipal and Provincial Licenses, Permits and Regulations, and Federal Regulations.

And Lastly, Business Link provides a section regarding Registering A Business Number. THIS link will direct you to the mentioned section regarding when or if it is necessary to obtain a business registration number.

The VDB Inc. Team has had our fair share of interacting with Municipal, Provincial, and Federal government bodies. It is extremely easy to waste time, money, and effort when an entrepreneur is unable to get straight answers regarding which policies apply to specific business situations. We suggest going straight to a registry office instead of paying extra with registering businesses like AMA or Goodlawyer. In addition, we suggest going straight to the City Municipal Hall, instead of reading information online.

Next week we will be looking at Business Link's "I am Running a Business."

Stay Tuned!

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